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Invisible Folder

Postby bpfine on Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:13 pm

Go to your desktop screen and right-click --->New --->Folder

You should now see a folder on your desktop screen

Right-click the folder and rename it Alt + 0160 then Enter

Press down on the (Alt key) while entering the numbers 0160

You should now see your nameless folder

Right-click the folder and a dialogue box will open and click the Customize Tab on the far right corner

Click the Change Icon tab below

Move the slider tab below to the 13th row to the blank column, and Left-click the blank spot

A blue box will display and click OK on the bottom

Click Apply Tab on the bottom, then OK

Your folder is now invisible on your desktop.

If you forgot where you put your Folder, just run your mouse slowly over the screen and you will see a ghost image of your folder

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